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In the waste management sector, innovation is everywhere, in practices and in technologies”. It sounds obvious to Thierry Meunier, President of the Assises Nationales des Déchets association: Progresses made in the realm of waste have been enabled by the capacity to invent… and share.


 The search for new added value, coping with increasing scarcity of raw materials, optimising budgetary resources… Whatever the justifications, players of the waste management sector naturally opted for innovation. We know, for example, what efforts have been made by the electric and electronic equipment sector, which mobilised, a few years ago, to recover the precious materials contained in end-of-life products. This initially “self-serving” objective eventually deeply changed this industry by rethinking ways of collecting these products and, today, by anticipating and communicating on what their second life will be…

Industrialists, local governments and citizens

The success of calls for interest on waste recovery launched in recent years within the framework of the programme of investments for the future, as well as the boom of solutions invented in the field, on both material and organisational levels, to optimise collection strategies, as well as “ressourceries” and “recycleries” (resource and recycling centres), are other proofs of dynamism and creativity at play… Industrialists and local governments, often with the citizens’ decisive contribution, have been engaged in day-to-day innovations, and sharing their experiences. Workshop 2 of the Assises, therefore, will focus on frugal and flexible innovation approaches allowing high-tech players to rethink the material-related economy. We shall not deny, however, that still a lot needs to be done as to the design of products and materials placed on the market...

Assises “speed-meetings”

The Assises des Déchets, indeed, never miss an opportunity to help promote innovation. “In tune with the times, they are committed to promoting open and shared creativity that, as we know, greatly helped structure the remarkable boom of the digital sector”, Thierry Meunier said. Such is the entire purpose of the creation, this year, of the Waste Innovation Award, whose aim is to identify and highlight original and promising projects, whatever their dimension or sponsors, by means of “speed-meetings”. There are already many applicants, but the selection is not over. If you are interested, if you have been working on an innovation pending application or already being applied, or if you know someone who might be interested in participating in these “speed-meeting”… do not hesitate to disseminate this invitation.




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