Mrs. Estelle Sandré-Chardonnal, deputy secretary general of the Assises Nationales des DéchetsAssociation and session leader of the Assises’ closing debate, brings her vision of this 12thedition.


Can you describe the preparation process of the Assises des Déchets?

For more than twenty years, the DREAL (1) of the Pays de la Loire Region, which has been in charge of the Assises Nationales des Déchets Association’s general secretariat, has also been actively participating in the preparation of the Assises des Déchets conference, by leading the same-aged piloting committee. For this new edition, as for the others, the work within this Piloting committee started right after the previous edition, i.e. at the beginning of 2012. The partners decided, in the first meetings of the committee, under the coordination of the DREAL Pays de la Loire and more specifically its department of natural and technological risks, which topic would be addressed in the Assises’ plenary sessions and workshops. They also designated the session leaders who would be entrusted with their preparation and the corresponding guest speakers.

The topic, this year, will cover very general matters, e.g. prevention or recycling, as well as more specific matters related to certain categories of waste such as construction waste and organic waste. As usual, these matters to be debated in the plenary sessions and workshops are both fundamental and current matters. High-level guest speakers, again, will intervene in 2013: the minister in charge of the environment, the president of the FNADE (2), the president of the AMF (3), and many others...


Have you come up with major innovations for the 2013 edition?

The Assises are an event much anticipated by the players of the waste industry who appreciate the opportunity to gather every two years for this event. Despite a well-established organisation, we always do our best to bring innovation to it.

Therefore, the piloting committee decided to review the format of the event: from this edition onwards, debates will be structured around an initial plenary session that will take stock of the situation, especially with regard to lessons to be drawn from the Waste Plan 2009-2013, and a closing plenary session that will summarise discussions and will formulate propositions for the future.

Besides, the closing plenary session, which will gather all major players of the world of waste, will be directly piloted by the department of natural and technological risks of the DREAL Pays de la Loire.

Another innovation reflecting the open-endedness of the Assises is that debates, which have generally been facilitated by the DREAL network or public partners like the ADEME (4), the ASN (5), the ANDRA (6) and the CEA (7), are now facilitated by all Assises Nationales des Déchets Association’s partners. Local governments and administrations like Nantes Métropole and the Pays de la Loire regional Council as well as industrialists by which waste is treated or produced (EdF, Paprec, Séché, Sita, Total, Veolia...), are actively preparing a number of debates.

At last, we particularly wished, for this 12 th edition of the Assises des Déchets, to have international stakeholders intervene in the debates. Testimonies of European members of the Nantes Green Capital of Europe Network are eagerly expected.

We hope that such evolutions will contribute to the richness and diversity of debates and to the emergence of new ideas likely to feed public policies and all participants’ initiatives.


An extensive logistic

As explained by Estelle Sandré-Chardonnal ,“the preparation of the Assises des Déchets is also about the whole organisation and logistics required for an event where over 700 participants are expected, i.e. managing relations with Nantes Events Center where we’ll be welcomed on the 2 nd and 3 rd of October and with the various service providers, the communication campaign, subscriptions, the welcoming of people and the preparation of meals, technical aspects, etc.” She added: “I would like to underline the outstanding work carried out by the staff of the Assises Nationales des Déchets Association on which we have been relying.”


(1) DREAL = Regional Directorate for the Environment,
Planning and Housing

(2) FNADE = French Federation of Waste Management Services

(3) AMF = Association of French Mayors

(4) ADEME = Environment and Energy Management Agency

(5) ASN = Nuclear Safety Authority

(6) ANDRA = National Radioactive Waste Management Agency

(7) CEA = Atomic Energy Commission


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