The recognised performance level of waste industry has been achieved thanks to a lot of technology development intended to promote waste recycling and upgrading. The ongoing dynamic takes many forms, a number of which will be addressed in a workshop of the Assises that will focus on innovation and technology.


As explained by the director of communication and corporate relations of Veolia Proprete, Muriel Olivier, in charge of facilitating the workshop, “to meet the objective of waste incineration and storage reduction set by the laws promulgated following the Grenelle Conference, new waste treatment and transformation channels need to be developed. We will provide a very concrete insight on already up and running technologies.”

Automatic sorting is one of explored avenues. It allows optimising upgrading, in particular in high- performance sorting centres encouraging secondary raw materials recycling and Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) production for cement factories or even dedicated thermal power channels.

Automatic sorting, circular economy, bio-fuels...

The development of recycling channels for the benefit of circular economy is another core issue. There are promising examples of collaboration between industrial producers and recyclers such as the Association Alliance Chimie Recycling (2ACR) or Osilub, a joint subsidiary of Veolia and Total, in Le Havre, specialised in engine oil processing.

There are also promising perspectives in the field of production of bio-fuels from waste such as used cooking oils, biogas produced in storage centres, methane, etc. Treatment solutions are up and running but the economic balance of these new channels is fragile. New gasification methods implemented by other countries with no equivalent in France will also be discussed.

“There is a remarkably diverse array of methods, and we will draw up the fullest possible overview,” Muriel Olivier concluded. She added: “The ministry of Productive Recovery expressed its interest for such scaling up of the French recycling industry. However, fundamental questions such as the awareness of the potentials and the funding of the transformation of our industry need to be raised.”


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