Looking back at the 14th Assises des Déchets. On 27 and 28 September, more than 600 waste management industry stakeholders and players gathered in Nantes (France). Not only did they enjoy the technical presentations which were to the point as usual, but they also took advantage of this year’s dynamics, spirit and of the variety of in-depth and interesting discussions. In addition to the powerful spirit, there was an abundance of reflections and assertions, possibly the result of the choice made by the organizers to integrate widely societal and cross-cutting themes: innovation, technology and its usages, as well as ocean pollution.

Take advantage of the minutes and reports of the 9 workshops and discover the 3 winners of the first Assises Speed Meeting Innovation competition…

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Headaches are often associated with any attempt to organize large scale organic waste management. The digital hub that forms part of the Organix project of the SUEZ, is a meeting platform for organic materials producers and users of as well as methane producers. It has won the Award of the Assises des Déchets 2017 Speed Meetings Innovation competition, within the disruptive or digital technologies category.

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Efficient recycling of plastered bricks is a demanding challenge. A novel solution came from the partnership between ‘’Serfim recyclage’’ and ‘’Vicat Eco-valorisation’’. It won the 2017 Assises Speed Meetings Innovation Award in the Prevention and Recyclability category.

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The Run Eco Team project, conducted in association with the IRU company, won the Award of the Assises des Déchets 2017 Speed Meetings Innovation competition, in the societal initiatives category.  

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Timeline: 2022! At the beginning, in the field of waste sorting, priority was given to packages whose recycling was technically feasible, i.e. plastics, bottles and flasks. Technology has improved, new plastic recycling schemes have been developed, and the law now imposes to extend sorting requirements to all plastic packages by 2022. Majors efforts have been made, with positive structuring results. A summary of discussions held in Workshop 1 of the Assises is given below.

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The objective of Workshop 2, the first of its kind in the Assises, was to explore advances to be expected from new technologies, and to take stock of the current situation.

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Although the bulk of waste is now recovered and treated in adequate conditions, some bad practices are still prevailing. Somme waste is still left on the side of the road and sometimes exported or used illegally, and often ends up in the oceans. Such practices are difficult to quantify and to control, as they combine minor offences and much more organised systems. Here-below is a summary of discussions held in Worskhop 3 of the Assises.

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