The first plenary session of the Assises des Déchets 2017 shall be dedicated to the waste valorisation objectives set by France and Europe. Annick Bonneville, Director of the DREAL Pays de la Loire, and Baptiste Legay, Deputy Director of the "waste and circular economy" department within the Ministry of the Environment will take stock of the situation.

Today, waste valorisation is a strategic stake that mobilizes political authorities. This dimension translates at the domestic level through the publication of 14 decrees in 2016, within the framework of the Energy Transition for Green Growth Act (loi de transition énergétique pour la croissance verte - LTECV), and at the European level through the circular economy action plan proposed by the European Commission at the end of 2015, heralding numerous actions that shall commit the European Union to the new world of the green economy.

Economic and ecological stakes

Baptiste Legay, chef de la sous-direction des déchets et de l’économie circulaire au MEEM.

Says Baptiste Legay, Deputy Director of the "waste and circular economy" department in the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Sea: "France has set itself ambitious goals, including an increase of the quantity of waste that can be valorized as material: this shall concern 55% by mass of non dangerous non inert waste in 2020 and 65% by mass in 2025."

Moreover, the improvement of the recycling industry will make it possible to reduce by half the quantity of waste disposed of in 2025 compared to 2010.

Thus, between today and 2025, prevention and waste management actions - as planned by the LTECV - should prevent the annual wastage of 8.6 million tonnes of material and 4,200 GWh of energy. Such resources, redirected towards other utilizations, will have a direct effect on the national economy estimated at 653 million euros per year.

There should also be a noticeable impact on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions estimated at 3.4 MTeCO2 per year in 2025. It will be possible to valorize these reductions on the European greenhouse gas emission quotas for an amount ranging from 23M€ (current value) to 253M€ (as per the State-imposed value of carbon).

Orchestrating the transition

Annick Bonneville qui dirige la DREAL Pays de la Loire
Annick Bonneville, directrice de la DREAL Pays de la Loire

Adds Annick Bonneville, Head of the DREAL Pays de la Loire: "All the players (businesses, local authorities, administrations) will need to be mobilized to orchestrate the transition towards the circular economy, whereas the future regional plans for prevention and waste management will have to be established by the Regions that will set the framework through which the ambitious objectives of the LTECV shall be reached." "The challenge is to change the vision of waste management and to decompartmentalize the domain to understand the product life cycle as a whole." adds Baptiste Legay.

In order to succeed in the transition and to reorientate the flow towards valorisation (reuse, material recycling, energy valorization), the cost of landfilling will need to be increased and waste valorisation will need to be made suitable to industrial needs through circular economy loops that will promote effective or operational recyclability at the industrial level and no longer just the theoretical technical recyclability of the waste flows to be recycled.

As a conclusion, Annick Bonneville declares that: "In September 2017, the Assises des déchets will make it possible to take stock of the various dynamics in progress. Thus, we will be able to both assess whether the transition is in full progress and identify the possible difficulties".


SP1 - Valorisation: French heading and European Directives

The first plenary session of the Assises des déchets, on Thursday September 28 2017, at 10.45 am, shall be dedicated to the French and European waste valorisation objectives.

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