In the field of energy recovery, most technologies are very mature. And yet, new technologies or “technological building blocks” are being developed to improve them even more. Positives effects of land planning and of organisation efforts are also expected in terms of developing adequate energy recovery schemes. Here-below is a summary of discussions held in Worskhop 5 of the Assises.

The ambitious objective to reduce waste burial by 50% by 2025 will require prevention, reuse and material recovery policies – and, eventually, energy recovery policies. Material treatment, reuse and, ultimately, recovery, are not a matter of setting priorities but of hierarchy.

Participants to the round-table demonstrated the maturity of energy recovery technologies, both in terms of incineration plants and combustion thermal plants for Solid Recovered Fuel (SRC). However, the emergence of new technologies has helped optimise existing units in terms of the quality of both combustion and energy recovery in the form of electricity or heat.

To implement such technologies on their sites, industrialists obviously need to have a vision of long-term profitability. Regulations are quite clear and stable in this regard. There is no perfect visibility, however, of future tax schemes: property tax, indeed, is still being discussed, and perspectives, as to the General Tax on Polluting Activities (TGAP) and VAT to be applied to heat networks, are still uncertain. Climate and energy related matters are also raising concerns. Incentive mechanisms (e.g. electricity purchasing prices for incineration plants) are poorly understood or hard to anticipate in the middle or long run. This is also the case of local, national or European support mechanisms. The current system is very intricate. Industrialists and local governments have been calling for its simplification.

Since the recent change of planning scale, the various players have been waiting for respective regional plans and land use decisions to be adopted. They need to know, for example, where the new sorting centres and combustion thermal plants for SRC are going to be established, and how to avoid competition with existing facilities, expected to last.

> Please also read the summary of the Workshop drawn up during the Assises: Energy recovery at a turning point of its history

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