Emmanuel Macron et Nicolas Hulot

Nicolas Hulot, who was recently appointed Minister of Environment, will be in the first line to implement Emmanuel Macron’s electoral promises on waste. Fight against planned obsolescence and food waste, “eco-contribution”, modernisation of sorting centres, to name a few – here-below is an outline of the new President of the French Republic’s commitments.


French presidential elections gave way to an unprecedented scenario under the French Fifth Republic. Emmanuel Macron made it to the summit of the State with the backing of a party that was founded not even a year ago and by gathering players from various political stripes. He thus very early obtained the support from environment activists Daniel Cohn-Bendit and Matthieu Orphelin, and then appointed Nicolas Hulot, a media personality, to the Ministry of Environment. The latter will notably be asked to implement concrete waste-related propositions.

Simplifying consumer engagement

Make circular economy and recycling a new economic model” is the third objective of Emmanuel Macron’s programme on environment and ecological transition. The first measures should be to limit the effects of planned obsolescence “by improving the display of lifetime of household appliances”, in order to guide consumer choices. Industrialists will also have to facilitate selective sorting by clearly indicating how the product should be recycled on packaging.

Supporting virtuous initiatives by taxing polluting practices

It is also planned to put in place an “eco-contribution” to “favour sustainable products”, by taxing products harming the environment”. Likewise, the general tax on polluting activities will gradually increase, in order to deter waste burning and burial and to create new means of encouraging sorting centre modernisation. The declared goal is clear: to reach 100% plastic recycling on the whole territory by 2025”.

Fighting against food waste

One of the heaviest task of the new government will be to set up the “États généraux de l’alimentation” (a national food conference). Consultation with professionals will cover such issues as the challenge of food wastage, which represents “over 160 kg per year and per capita” worldwide.



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